Field Trip

The field trip will be held on June 20 in a location near Búzios. Participants in the 2012 SWIM may join free tour by confirming the presence in the Secretary's Office located at the Atlantic Buzios Hotel, on June 17.


Mid Congress Fiel Trip 
Coastal Aquifers of Costa do Sol (Sun Coast), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The main intent of this field trip is to visit locations in the so called Sun Coast of  Rio  de  Janeiro,  where some  interesting hydrogeological features occur in one area of very  peculiar Geology. Interpretative  panels  of  its  geology  will help the understanding of those features to the non-geological audience.  These  panels  are part of the “Projeto Caminhos Geológicos” (Geological Ways Project) and they expose information about  the  amalgamation  and  break  up  of  Gondwana palaeocontinent and  its  geological evidences. They also include information on  environmental aspects, such as Holocenic stromatolites and carbonate deposition on hypersaline environments in Araruama lagoon system.

Búzios region also presents other saltwater-freshwater interface related features, such as Mangue de Pedra (Rocky Mangrove) area in Gorda beach, which presents a unique small mangrove system over a rocky substract away from a river out, fed almost exclusively by groundwater.

This  field trip comprehends other  sites  of  geological  interest  such  as dune  fields,  palaeocliffs,  paleolagoons  and  a  conglomerate,  described  by  Charles Darwin in 1832, while visiting Brazil. The Búzios region possesses a rich endemic fauna and flora, including the “pau-brasil”, the tree whose dye extracted from its wood baptized Brazil; and also the mico leao dourado, the small monkey which became a symbol of fauna preservation in Brazil and worldwide, since its population has been on the brink of extinction and has recovered due to international efforts. 

Leaders: Katia Mansur (UFRJ), Maria da Gloria Alves (UENF) and Eliane Guedes (MN-UFRJ).
Day: June 20, 2012
Participants: All SWIM people
Registration Fee: Free (Including bus, lunch and field trip guide).


Departure: Armação dos Búzios (Atlântico Búzios Hotel): 8:45h

Stop 1 (9:00 – 9:45h) – Mangue de Pedra. Geological information: Groundwater fed mangrove ecosystem.

Stop 2 (10:15 – 11:00h) – Peró Dune Field. Geological information: Moving dunes burying constructions and interdune lagoon system.

Stop 3 (11:45 – 12:30h) – Araruama Hypersaline Lagoon System. Geological information: Geochemical bioconstructions (carbonate microbiolites). One of the major hypersaline lagoon systems in the world.

Stop 4 (14:00 – 16:30h) – Lunch. Mico Leão Dourado biological reserve. Rainforest sightseeing and fauna observation (Photo: National Geographic Magazine)

Arrival: Armação dos Búzios (Atlântico Búzios Hotel): 18:00h